iHolbox Pocket Guide Book Third Issue

iHolboxCover 1
Holbox Adventure 2
Golf Cart Rentals El Cachorro 5
Isla Holbox Mexico's best Kept treasure 6
Maria Carlota Boutique Hotel 8
Bioluminiscence: The glowing plankton of Holbox Island 10
Three Point Island Tour 11
Holbox Tour Operators 12
La Tapatía is the place to go at Holbox 14
Transfer Holbox 16
Roots: Lobster Pizza 17
NOA: Passion for Fine Jewelry 18
Yaxche: The Sacred Maya Tree 19
Did you know that...? 21
Villas Tiburón Hotel 22
Holbox Ferry Schedules 24
Cabo Catoche 26
Papa Rana Logo Shop 29
Kiteboarding 30
Top Holbox Activities you Can't Miss 32
Holbox Shared Shuttle 34
Raíces 36
Ñañas: The fisherman 38
Holbox Guide to great food 40
Holbox Beach Clubs 44
Holbox Shuttle departures to Playa del Carmen 46
TF Smoke Shop & Vapes 47